XLPE Project Spotlight

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Electric utility companies and independent power producers consistently turn to W.A. Chester for dependable underground transmission and distribution expertise.  As our nation’s need to expand and harden the grid is on the rise, so is the development of advanced cable technologies and the efficiency of installation techniques.  W.A. Chester is experienced in establishing a resilient and reliable electric system with all types of underground transmission cables, ranging from XLPE, HPFF to superconductors.  We are one of the few contractors who can support all types of underground cable systems.

Today, we would like to feature our work as a leading, turnkey service provider of XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) cable systems.  We perform this type of work on a national basis and have the capability to install, procure the cable, and manage the installation of the conduit while providing the best solutions based on our customer’s needs.  We understand the challenges facing overhead and underground cable systems in our country and we know how to deliver the solutions to execute successful high voltage cable projects.

Line Rebuild Worcester to Ocean City, MD

Location: Ocean City, MD

Project Goals: Replacement of existing aged circuit which was struggling to support Ocean City resort town growth loading.

Completion Date: 2019

Project Descriptions:

  • 1 mile, 138kV XLPE cable installation utilizing a 54” HDD bore under the Bay of Wight
  • 3,700 ft horizontal directional drill under the Bay of Wight and pullback of a 36-inch fusible PVC casing.
  • Energization of the 69kv circuit, installed 6 new terminations, 2 new splices and almost 3 miles of new XLPE cable in duct bank and HDD conduits

Wolf Bay 115kV Underground Crossing

Location: Orange Beach, Alabama

Project Goals: Storm hardening to protect against hurricanes, storm surges and withstand tropical storm strength winds.

Completion Date: 2013

Project Descriptions:

  • 6,131 ft – the longest XLPE cable pull attempted in conduit in the US at the time was installed under the Wolf Bay
  • Installation of 13,000 feet of fiber optic cable and a total of eight terminations

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