New Technology


  • Internal inspection of the pipe or conduit frequently required as reconductor projects have increased the need for visual inspection. Typical cabled cameras limited to shorter distances (1,000 ft.) and less on pipes with residual fluid.
  • High resolution, digital, LED, WiFi technology
  • Real-time viewing of up to 1,800 ft. depending on pipe configuration.
  • The remainder of the pipe/conduit section is recorded and can be viewed after downloading.
  • Battery-powered with a life of 8 hrs.


  • Accurate XYZ Pipeline Mapping
  • Technology utilized to accurately locate and map underground pipes and conduits.
  • Also utilized to evaluate existing pipe for successful cable installation.
  • Probe integrated with GIS technology and CADD software to provide as-built information.
  • Verify the condition of the pipe or conduit for the installation of the new underground transmission cable.
  • Pipe or conduit installed by others.
  • Pipe or conduit installed many years ago.
  • Problems swabbing or mandreling the pipe or conduit.
  • Uncertain of the exact location.
  • External damage.
  • Bend radius or bend construction.
  • Improper installation of pipe/conduit


  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection service provides real-time internal and external metal loss data for pipelines and is utilized frequently on pipe cable conductor replacement projects or evaluating spare pipes installed years ago.
  • Identify any areas of corrosion or damage prior to installing new cable.