Employee Spotlight – Vanessa Suros, Groundman WAC

This month is Women’s History Month and to celebrate all that women contribute to our industry, we are featuring some of the amazing women at W.A. Chester.

Today we focus our appreciation on one of our awesome Groundman, Vanessa Suros. Vanessa is a hard-working, single mother who loves what she does.

Vanessa started a mobile car wash business a few years back and ended up washing the trucks of the lineman where her Uncle Raymond worked. She was intrigued by the work the lineman performed and decided that was something that she would like to do. So she sold the equipment from her business and her car to come up with the money for lineman school and she moved to Georgia for three months. She went to work after she completed school and became a Communications Lineman a year later.

Vanessa decided that she wanted to become a Power Lineman so that is when she joined the W.A. Chester team as a Groundman and Underground Transmission Apprentice. Vanessa said the “guys have become like family and they really look out for each other”

Dave Robbins, WAC Foreman, speaks highly of Vanessa and says she is “100% a team player and is very motivated and I would recommend her to be on anybody’s team”

Vanessa is a role model for her daughter and her young niece and she said they brag about her to their friends. She is progressing in her apprenticeship in Underground Transmission and would one day like to be a splicer for W.A. Chester.

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